MTORX Small Molecule Liquid Crystal Technology

In certain rare dermatologic disorders, disruptions in skin function can lead to blistering, scaling and other skin conditions that may progress to life-threatening complications.

BioMendics’ small molecule liquid crystal MTORX Technology works by removing mutant keratins and degrading and recycling keratin aggregates. It has potential applications in rare dermatologic diseases that affect keratins, such as epidermolysis bullosa simplex and epidermolytic ichthyosis, pachyonychia congenita and diseases that cause excess collagen expression, such as scleroderma.

The company’s lead product in development, BM-3103, is a patented topical gel. It is currently being studied in a Phase I/IIa trial for epidermolysis bullosa simplex, with additional indications in the pipeline.

MTORX Technology is an investigational platform encompassing therapeutic candidates (including BM-3103 and others). Clinical trials are ongoing to help evaluate safety and efficacy.